Avenger 180 – Icarus


The Icarus 180 Avenger is our best selling product. With the revolutionary dark projection surface, it’s designed for high-end immersive gaming in comfort. Avenger 180 is a home model that is mainly intended for personal use. Experience MR (Mixed Reality) at home with an overwhelming immersive feeling thanks to the curved display of 120 inches and 180 degrees . Lightweight and easy to assemble MDF (medium density fiberboard) type. Project amazing images with two short focus projectors which provide an unprecedented gaming experience.

Optional Addons

icarus 180 avenger

This SimPit offers 180 degrees of simultaneous view that works with nearly all games and works also with stereoscopic 3D and head tracking (aka Mixed Reality) – which is great if you want to mix virtual environment with real hardware. (*additional equipment required)

The ultimate gaming display – 120″ of pure awesome up to 2K.

* Not suitable for commercial use due to light weight construction

kit includes

SimPit Black Projection Surface

Lasercut Frame with Adjustable Screen Height

Projector Mounts and Holders

SimPitWarp (optional)

  • Simple user interface for mapping the projected output to kind of projection screen
  • Fine-grained control for overlaps, soft-edge blending, and gamma
  • Color correction and color profile per projector
  • Up to 16 projectors per PC, in different horizontal and vertical alignment
  • Auto-alignment using Immersive Calibration PRO
  • Direct export for simulators and other 3D game engines
  • Support for NVidia (Quadro) and ATI PRO Native Warping API
  • And many more…