Avenger PRO 202 FOV

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Avenger PRO is heavy duty robust projection system featuring amazing black highperformance projection surface for use in most demanding lighting conditions with incredible results, extended field of view to 202º, very strong and solid structure and great compatibility with most short throw projectors.

The revolutionary front projection display converts two ordinary short throw projectors into extraordinary experience second to none. The Pro systems are 4K and 8K ready as well as 3D ready.

The SimPit Black Screen boosts colors, contrast, blacks and detail and it’s designed to work in day light conditions that would be previously absolutely unthinkable for front projected system.

The ultimate gaming display – 128″ of pure awesome in 2K to 12K.

kit includes

SimPit Black Projection Surface

Lasercut Frame with Adjustable Screen Height

Projector Mounts and Holders

SimPit Black projection surface.

How it works:

We have reinvented projection screen technology. Ambient light has traditionally been one of projection’s worst enemies. Before multidirectional ambient light rejection screens, as soon as you turned on the lights, the image on the screen washed out, sometimes almost completely disappearing.

With the new technology the light intensity is ballanced regardless of direction and viewing angle – the absolute must for projection on cylinder and with multiple projectors.

Now, not only can we fight ambient light through screen technology. We have put over 15 years of experience into our surface and it’s said to be the best ALR surface for cylindrical projection that works with short throw projectors, variable throw distance, it has no noticeable hot spotting and it allows the projectors blend seamlessly

Contrast Boost
Black HDR
ambient light absorption

The PRO Frame

Over past decade we refined the frame design to deliver the best stability, rigidity, strength and flexibility of setup. We went through hundreds of different designs and ideas and we refined the frame to what we consider the ideal design that can be setup at any height to give you the perfect eye-point height and keep your head at the optimal viewing spot.

The screen can slide together with the frame on the legs and it can be adjusted with millimeter precision even on uneven surface. The leg adjustment also makes possible to permanently tilt the screen downwards or upwards depending on if you require more view towards your feet or upwards.

The projector mounts and holders are directly attached to the frame and always keeps the same ratio regardless of the selected angle. Ingenious combination of frame materials and geometry quickly dissipates and absorbs any vibrations and ensures that even with big bumps and impacts the frame returns back to it’s original position saving you the trouble with projectors re-calibration and re-alignment.

SimPitwarp (optional)

  • Simple user interface for mapping the projected output to kind of projection screen
  • Fine-grained control for overlaps, soft-edge blending, and gamma
  • Color correction and color profile per projector
  • Up to 16 projectors per PC, in different horizontal and vertical alignment
  • Auto-alignment using Immersive Calibration PRO
  • Direct export for simulators and other 3D game engines
  • Support for NVidia (Quadro) and ATI PRO Native Warping API
  • And many more…