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Avenger 180 - Icarus .. Product #: IA180 Regular price: NZD 1,680.00 NZD 1,680.00 In Stock

Avenger 180 - Icarus

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* Software:

If you don't have warping and blending solution consider adding SimPitWarp

What is Icarus 180 Avenger:

The Icarus 180 Avenger is our best selling product. With the revolutionary dark projection surface it's designed for high end immersive gaming in comfort

This SimPit offers 180 degrees of simultaneous view that works with nearly all games and works also with stereoscopic 3D and head tracking (aka Mixed Reality) - which is great if you want to mix virtual environment with real hardware. (*additional equipment required)

The ultimate gaming display - 120" of pure awesome in 2K to 12K.

* Not suitable for commercial use

Minimum Requirements

  • PC running at least Windows 7
  • Graphic Card with Eyefinity or Nvidia Surround
  • Warping and Blending app capable mapping at least two projectors
  • Two 1080p short throw projectors

Max resolution with 1080p projectors is GPU based :

  • NVIDIA max resolution is 3840x1080
  • ATI max resolution is 6400 x 1800 for best quality vs performance use 4096 x 1536

3D and Headtracking for MR are supported with:

  • TriDef 3D and NVIDIA 3D surround
  • Track IR,  FreeTrack, Opentrack, Facetrack NOIR and others 

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What's included in the basic kit


SimPit Black Projection Surface


Lasercut Frame with Adjustable Screen Height 


Projector Mounts and Holders