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How to make image on Nvidia cards look as good as on AMD cards (yes - it is really possible).


Most nvidia cards have now drivers preconfigured for cellphone displays on runing on half resolution (aka "VR" headsets). That's great for the "VR" headsets owners but how about anybody with half decent display - unless you are minecraft or lego fan you are probably not going to be impressed much. (in theory it should switch to normal mode as soon as you plug something into DVI port but it never worked for me) So here is how to fix it:

1) make sure scaling is on GPU and full screen (also in the "change resolution" change otputput dynamic range to FULL

2) Change 3D settings to same values

3) For improved image quality you can increase image gama and saturation (my personal preferences for Acer Z650 are on the screenshot)

If you have 2 cards and SLI cable you can apparently use even DSR

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