Icarus 180 Avenger
120 inches of "Pure Awesome" - 2K and 4K gaming in Mixed reality

With frame from
Incredible 180º Field of View

The Icarus 180 Avenger - Simply the BEST

Icarus 180 - Avenger

Black Pearl screen - 1,7m diameter
Projector mounts

With frame from

Amazing Immersion
Enjoy the games in full Mixed Reality, Comfort and High Quality
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Small enought to fit in the corner of your room. Big enough to take you beyond the edge of space.

The Icarus Avenger is the ultimate gaming and simulation display screen that can take you out of your room into the hart of the game - literally.

... Virtual Reality is starting to take off so lets kick it up a notch into the world of Mixed Reality. Real body and Real objects in the Virtual World*
*Tridef 3D or Nvidia 3D vision required
Incredible View
Discover what super-wide field of view trully means
Full 180º/60º offers true super-wide filed of view.

Enjoy the real peripheral view and freedom to glance your eye to the side without turning the whole head. System also supports Mixed Reality in combination with 3D projectors and hologram like experience.
With AMD eyefinity and Virtual resolution you can achieve 4K and/or 6K clear image*
*recomended projectors: Acer Z650

Get the freedom to see your hands, use multiple devices and perform complex tasks without breaking the immersion.
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What's in the KIT
Endless possibilities of integration and customization.
elite dangerous 2
Smart and simple design .

* Smart 120" Black Screen - essential for the fantastic image quality. The screen absorbs most of the ambient light and leaves the projected image shine
* Frame - cut with precision on Laser CNC
* Legs - with adjustable screen height in 10 cm increments from 40cm up to 90 cm from the floor
* Projector mounting ring - for easier setup
* Projector holders - for projector mounting and easier "on the fly" readjustments.
* Assembly Hardware 
Recomended Projectors (not included) are Acer H6517ST, Acer z650, BenQ 1080ST or Optoma GT1080 or similar 
Easy, quick and painless installation Kit
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